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        "Actively Engaged in the Welfare of Society"

        Initiatives to Combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease

        Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is funding icddr,b's double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study aimed at finding a cure for COVID-19. The study aims to evaluate Ivermectin's safety and efficacy. Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic medicine which is usually used for parasitic infections and had the potential of being a cure for COVID-19.
        The icddr,b will carry out the trails on hospitalised adults at four hospitals including Kurmitola General Hospital and Mugda Medical College and Hospital.
        The study is expected to bring results in two months. If the outcomes are positive, Ivermectin will turn out as an affordable solution to deal with COVID-19 affected patients.
        Beximco Pharmaceuticals, the first Bangladeshi drug manufacturer to introduce Remdesivir in the local market, will supply the medicine for free to hospitals dedicated for Covid-19 patients.
        The company handed over 1,000 doses of the medicine to the government on Thursday.
        The drug will not be available through retail pharmacies, in compliance with the directives from Bangladesh drug regulatory authorities, Beximco Pharma Managing Director Nazmul Hasan said while handing over the first batch of Remdesivir to Health Minister Zahid Maleque at the Secretariat on Thursday.
        “The US drug regulators has cleared the emergency use of Remdesivir. This drug is a bit more expensive than other drugs. A patient needs 6-11 doses. If the cost of an injection is Tk5,000-Tk6,000, then a patient will need about Tk60,000,?said the Beximco Pharma top official.
        Beximco is marketing the drug in the Bangladesh with the commercial name of Bemsivir.
        “Since the government of Bangladesh is providing free treatment to coronavirus infected patients in government hospitals, we at Beximco have decided that as many patients as there are in government hospitals in Bangladesh, if they need Remdesivir, they will get it for free. We will not take money from the government for this. If we are told a patient needs this medicine, we will deliver it there,?he added.
        Source: Dhaka Tribune
        Beximco Pharmaceuticals started producing Favipiravir, an antiviral drug, that is being used by China to treat Covid-19 patients. The Directorate General of Drug Administration gave preliminary approvals after Beximco Pharmaceuticals submitted the drug for testing and final approvals. Beximco Pharmaceuticals will give the medicine to the government and hospitals where corona virus patients are being treated instead of selling it to the pharmacies.

        Beximco Group started distributing personal protective equipment (PPE), medicines, and test kits worth USD$1.8 million (15 crore BDT) to healthcare professionals who are dealing with the COVID-19 patients. The personal protective equipment includes protective gowns, face masks, gloves and protective goggles.
        The equipment, medicines and test kits are being distributed among testing centers and government designated hospitals. The company is also arranging ventilators for critical corona virus patients.
        Beximco Group also started to provide financial support in creation of modern laboratory facilities and enhance hospital facilities in collaboration with a internationally reputed research organisation.
        After the COVID-19 outbreak, Chairman of Beximco Group ASF Rahman said the group is always committed to extending support to any national emergency. Vice-Chairman of the company Salman F Rahman said in a statement "I believe that the initiative of Beximco Group will inspire other entities, large and small, in Bangladesh to come forward in helping the government to tackle this crisis to the best of their abilities".
        Vice-Chairman of Salman F Rahman, who is parliament member of Dhaka-1 constituency (Dohar and Nawabganj upazilas) and Private Sector Industry and Investment Adviser to Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, provided help to people in his constituency after the COVID-19 breakout. From his own fund, Salman F Rahman distributed 12,500 packets to the people of low income group. In each of the packets, there were 10 kg rice, 3 kg pulse, 5 kg cooking oil, 2 kg salt, 5 kg flour and medicine.
        The packets were distributed in eight unions of Dohar upazila and 14 unions of Nawabganj upazila.
        Additionally personal protective equipment (PPE), disinfectant spray and 17 thousand masks were distributed in the health centers and community hospitals of Dohar and Nawabganj upazilas from this fund.


        A specialized institute that works for the holistic development of children with special educational needs through different programs
        Include early childhood development programs (ECD), special schooling, therapeutic interventions, medical and neuro-developmental assessment, leisure time and co-curricular activities, training for the teachers, parents and integrated services

        Other CSR Initiatives

        ... ...
        Charity contributions through the Gono Sahajjo Songstha (GSS) for the educational sector for the unprivileged
        Free drugs during natural calamities and distribution of clothing during winter
        As part of BEXIMCO Group’s focus on society development, Fazlur Rahman Foundation has established a project called "FRF Diagnostic Centre". The project provides health screening services for Beximco Pharmaceuticals and Beximco Antibiotics Industries employees.
        Sponsoring events and national sport stars and teams
        Official sponsor of the Bangladesh National Cricket team for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011
        Official sponsor of the FIFA friendly match between Argentina and Nigeria held in September, 2011